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Hundred Rabbits

Hundred Rabbits is a Interesting Website run by Rekka & Devine,
these rabbits are my favorite on the interwebs,
they create lots of very interesting stuff.
Check them out.


Spoonm is a pretty cool person!
I've never met them personally,
but they have had an impact on my love for ricing!
Definitely an interesting site to learn from. hehe

Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters

This website certainly is funky. Majority of the content seen is very disturbing; in its own way.
Please don't visit this site if you are prone to seizures from flashing things.
Definitely an odd one though. Resembles netart.


Stanley Lieber is a odd website,
seems to be comprised of interesting images from different image boards. Check it out.
Although, some content may not be appropriate for some.
"the green"


WOah! Suicide? What?
Well, i'm adding this just because it is truly a interesting site.
There is TONS of information you can learn from.
I totally recommend browsing it. (Even if you aren't suicidal.)

Sacred Texts

Wanna be an omnist?(The old age omnist)
Well, here's a place on the internet where you can read all sorts of sacred texts,
such as the bible and others.